Chiefs vs Patriots

Chiefs vs Patriots : KANSAS CITY — Thankfully, the only head coach in NFL history who could wear a Super Bowl ring on each finger and the thumb of one hand is back to his Bill Belichick-ian ways with the media.

It’s entertaining to watch him try to be as unentertaining as possible.

Asked if there was any way to coach against Tyreek Hill’s speed, Belichick replied: “Like, can we make somebody that fast?”

On Wednesday, after he was through praising the Chiefs and speaking of the privilege it was to be in the AFC championship game with his opening remarks, Belichick fielded the first few queries with his trademark curtness — stoned-face, ventriloquist lips and all.

On Tuesday, the New England Patriots mastermind had just one short answer, and it was slightly humorous.

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Do you mind playing in severe cold?

“Love to play in a championship game. Schedule it wherever you want. We’ll be there.”

Does it change the play-calling? Does it make it harder to throw?

“I don’t know. It’s Wednesday. We’ll see what happens Sunday night. Right now, we’re getting ready for the Chiefs.”

Belichick was more wordy any time he was given an opportunity to compliment Kansas City, although a question about their success on fourth-down gambles both last week (3-of-4) and on the year (12-of-15) was longer than his answer.

“They’re pretty good on every down, in every situation,” he said. “So first, second, third, fourth down, they’re good at all of it. So we’re going to have to be at our best in all situations.”

Chiefs vs Patriots : NFL Conference Championships 2018-19

The session was ended with a question on whether Belichick and Tom Brady could use their last visit to Arrowhead Stadium — a 41-14 loss back in 2014 — as added motivation.

“Yeah, I don’t think that game has anything to do with this one,” said Belichick. “We’re going to get ready for Sunday.”

Thanks for coming, coach. And thanks for being you.


Patrick Mahomes was too modest in receiving the MVP award from the Pro Football Writers of America on Wednesday. “It’s awesome, it’s a special honour,” said the Chiefs’ 23-year old quarterback. “I thank all of them for that. It’s really a tribute to my teammates. I got put in a great situation where I have a lot of great teammates around me that make me look really good.” Mahomes does a lot to make himself look really good also —like pretending he’s not so good …

Mahomes is no different than any other quarterback that is athletic and can throw and run, says New England DL Deatrich Wise Jr. “As long as we disrupt him by keeping him in the pocket, and throwing the timing off, we’ll be good,” said the wise man …